Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Day 16 - Scotland West Coast - Largs - Entry to the highlands

From Wigtown, I headed to Largs on the west coast (click on names to see on my Google Map), which is really the beginning of the highlands area. North of Largs, the lochs loom large.

On the way, from south to north along the A77 road, there is Turnberry Golf Course, the site of the recent 2009 British Open Golf Tournament - check out the golf course's live webcam. Culzean Castle near Maybole, the Burns National Heritage Centre in Ayr, and then a few kilometres after, another famous golf course - Troon, the site of previous Open Championships.

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  1. Scott,

    as local councillor for Largs and the surrounding area, I may be biased, but you do Largs no justice at all.

    It's a lovely place, with a beautiful seafront, good walks by the sea or at the back of the town, nice parks, sailing as the home of the Scottish Sailing Institute. It will host a number of pre-Olympic regattas in 2010 and 2011.

    It's also the home of the Sportscotland National Sports Centre at Inverclyde with facilities for all sports up to professional level and a sailing offshoot on Cumbrae.

    And it's home of the most famous cafe in Scotland.. Nardini's on the seafront.

    There are also a number of good eating places...Woodies, Brisbane Hotel, Nardinis, Lounge and the also famous Green Shutter tearoom and Regattas at the Marina.

    It is the home of celbrities Sam Torrance and Bob Torrance(golf) Daniella Nardini (acting)Bennie Gallagher and Graham Lyle (music), Lou Macari (football).

    As the site of the last skirmish fought between the mainland Scots and the Vikings, it is an important historical site. The battle, of 1263, is commemorated every year at the week-long Largs Viking Festival, website here


    So you see, there is more to Largs than you saw.

    You should return some day and spend more time and take a proper look.