Friday, 31 July 2009

Day 17 - Scotland West Coast - St Catherines - Flower of Scotland

My stay on the shore of Loch Fyne (click to see on my Google Map) at Thistle House made me feel like I was in the actual Highlands. Around these parts, it's the real thing. The mountains, the dark, inky water of the lochs, the ever-changing light of the sky. It is turning out to be prettier than I expected. For a wilderness lover like me, it is great. And the locals tell me that the scenery is going to get even better up around Fort William, which is still further north.

So now that I'm entering the scenic hearland of Scotland, I thought I'd promote the national pride. There is no official national anthem of Scotland, but Flower of Scotland is the most loved and most sung. Here's a YouTube video with singing and lyrics. Great song, and despite the fact that Scotland dont' have a dominant rugby side (but are always Braveheart-courageous), Flower of Scotland matches La Marseillaise of France for goosebumps (for me at least).

Whenever Scotland play England in any sport, there is an added intensity which has lasted hundreds of years, perhaps since 1746, when the last of the Scottish clans were defeated by the English at the battle of Culloden. It was a particularly brutal affair, and for a few days afterwards, the English executed the remaining wounded Scots, and raped their women, according to reports of the time.

I've also included the national flower and emblem of Scotland below.

Lyrics and singing to Flower of Scotland

Scottish rugby team singing Flower of Scotland at a test match against England.

The national emblem of Scotland...the thistle flower.

Scotland's rugby emblem


  1. yes there is lovely view of this particular area, some times frighting as well. However it is lovely post having nice information

  2. My dream since I was young is visit mother Scotalnd once more and drink her finest whisky for the last time!