Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Day 3 – South West Coast - Brixham & Dartmouth - Places I wish I could have spent more time..

First up is Brixham. It’s perched at the end of a peninsula south of Torquay. I only visited it because I am a lighthouse fan, and Brixham has the “tallest and shortest” lighthouse in the UK (maybe the world?) Figure it out for’s a pic. (Okay, it's on top of a huge cliff, so the lighthouse only needs to be a couple metres high!)

Brixham Lighthouse...tall or short?

The village of Brixham is probably what a lot of foreigners think English fishing villages are like. It hugs a small cove, with pastel coloured cottages and red and yellow fishing boats huddled up in the harbour, surrounded by steep hills. Check out Sir Francis Drake’s ship the Golden Hind (it’s a full-sized replica). For me it was interesting, because the same (quite dainty and small!) ship rounded my home town of Cape Town in South Africa a few hundred years back, and Sir Franky proclaimed it the “fairest cape of all”. That’s not a bad compliment coming from someone who knew this pretty section of Britain’s coast really well.

Village of Brixham, another pretty village along the South West Coast

Then just over the beautiful river harbour of the River Dart is Dartmouth itself. Another stereotypical English scene. It’s like Brixham, just bigger and slicker, and with its own castle at the heads of the bay. The steep slopes of the hills give the town a secretive attitude. Smugglers used to operate around here, and that’s probably because they could hide out in the many tiny coves and caves.

So, Brixham and Dartmouth – don’t miss them, and don’t just drive through them like I had to.

(One of the other things I am realising is that driving close to this part of the coast of Britain takes LOTS of time. The roads twist and wind, and because there are so many villages along the way, driving speed is far slower than the highways. I really only covered about 300 kms today, but it took me a good 7 hours. There’s also a LOT to see along this coast – so budget for a couple of days at least.)


  1. I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

  2. This a great place to see what London looks like.

    There are beautiful places to Travel to but somehow i still feel it is slightly a city of blocks

    Come to India,which is filled with beautiful Cities with beautiful places to be......

    Bitten by the travel bug!

  3. Thanks so much for this blog. My Beloved and I just decided that we'd like to drive the coast and came across your travels. Thank you....

  4. what a beautiful historical land of Britain,the land where the views are unchanged from hundreds of years.

  5. Yeah! I agree with you. I love to stay at Brixham too. I love vacations at Brixham Holiday Cottages. The place is so nice and the sceneries are breath taking.

  6. I did my Grande Tour in April this year for Help for Heroes. 5017 miles anti clockwise. took 4749 photos,

    See some of then in my 22 days of Blog