Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 6 - South West Coast- Tintagel - King Arthur and his knights...

On the way from St Ives north to Ilfracombe is Tintagel Castle, close to the town of the same name. It is here that King Arthur was born...if he ever did live.

The castle is on cliffed-island down a steep hill from the town. The wind was galeforce when I got there, and had to lean into it while taking a few pics. The sea was spraying up above the cliffs which are about 40 metres impressive place for a legendary king to be born. Bad weather suits the place. But although it's a decent outing, it's not as special as some guidebooks make it out to be. The castle is almost eroded to it's foundations, and the town itself is not pretty. There are lots of curio stores selling swords and King Arthur chess sets. Poor old King Arthur...I wonder if he's getting any royalty payments...

Click on the panorama for a full screen version of the broken down Tintagel's to the right of the image.

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