Saturday, 1 August 2009

Day 19 - Scotland West Coast - Oban - The road north

The road from Kilmartin takes you through the quaint town of Oban, one of the more popular tourist spots in the highlands. I didn’t find it that special, but I did only pass through. There is the popular Oban distillery, which offers tours, as well as boat cruises from the harbour, with SeaLife Adventures, Oban Wildlife and Craignish Cruises (which can take you to the fascinating Corryvreckan natural whirpool off the island of Jura).

Pretty Oban harbour, on the way north from Kilmartin to Fort William. Click on image for full screen version.

Border Collie sheep dogs aren't only found on farms in Scotland. Here's an Oban local with his human side-kick.

And not only do big, hairy clansmen play the bagpipes...another Oban local busking on the street.

Brings a new meaning to "straight into the pot"!


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