Sunday, 2 August 2009

Day 21 - Scotland West Coast - Spean Bridge - The gathering of the clan

After dinner, I was sent on my way to the clan gathering of the Camerons. Bear with me for a moment, while I dish out a bit of history (which may well need a bit of fine-tuning!) the 1740s, the Cameron Clan sided with the exiled Scottish king, and when he returned to British shores, the Cameron clan immediately threw their support in his direction. For that, though, they paid a heavy price. The English and their Scottish allies routed the Scottish loyalists, and the Cameron clan was particularly hard hit.

So once very eight years, descendants of the original Cameron clan gather in Achnacarry at the estate of the Lochiel of the Camerons – essentially the modern-day chief of the clan. A few hundred people spend four days in activities, music, socialising and dining.

I was fortunate enough to listen to some of the Gaelic music on the last evening of the gathering. There is poor Internet access up here in the highlands, and it makes uploading my videos from last night difficult, but as soon as I find a WiFi hotspot, I'll upload the lot...they are great! The videos include excellent bagpipe and Gaelic music, as well as informal renditions of popular Gaelic folk songs by the son of the Lochiel of the well as a great joke by the Lochiel of Cameron, about a drunk Scotsman (You’ll have to listen to it for yourself!)

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