Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Day 22 - Scotland West Coast - Torridon - Rain but beautiful

Christian Drew from Corriegour Lodge Hotel had told me how beautiful the drive on the A87 north from Corriegour to Torridon was going to be. The road takes you through some quintessential highland scenery, past 10 lochs (called Lochy, Garry, Loyne, Cluanie, Duich, Alsh, Carron, Kishorn, Damh and finally – phew! - Torridon). You drive through the Glenshie Mountains pass – on either side are at least 15 “peaks” of around 1000 metres. Click to see on my Google Map.

It is wild, windswept, dramatic land...and to all these qualities, you could add rainy. Because it rained hard, and the water vapour was cruel – it let me see the outlines of a fantastic landscape, but no more. It was like watching a classic movie, but with a scrambled signal reception...you know it’s a great movie, you can hear the actors and make out some of the scenes, so you watch anyway – but you’re probably better off not watching at all, because it’s so frustrating.

I felt like this while driving to Torridon. For every drop of rain that fell, my photographer’s heart broke a little more. I could imagine how wonderful it must be to photograph this area when the sun shines. Maybe next time...

I got to the famously photogenic Eilean Donan Castle, hoping that The Big Photographer Upstairs would throw me a favour, but it was raining even harder...so please would you visit it for me? If you look at the photos of Eilean Donan, you’ll understand why I wished it was going to be sunny! It’s a superb-looking, movie-star castle. Don’t miss it.

Eilean Donan Castle...

The other must-do itinerary tick is Plockton village, an out-of-the-way, yet popular spot that’s in all the guide books for its white-washed houses. Click here to see where it is on my Google Map.

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