Monday, 13 July 2009

Day 2 - South Coast - Bournemouth - Best bedview in town?

From the outside, Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth looks like a fairly weathered art deco building with lots "charm" and in need of a brush-up. But the position right on the beach is superb, and the views from the sea facing rooms are therefore pretty unbeatable in Bournemouth.

And inside, the decor is slick, smart, modern art deco...I think that's how you'd describe it!? Anyway, see for yourself in the pic below, and the video which shows the view from my room. Yowser. There are big private terraces in front of all the seafacing rooms, and I'm sure they'd install a foofie-slide from your terrace into the sea, if you asked reception nicely...chances are they would, cos the service is quick and efficient.

(P.S. I had a club sandwich and french fries for lunch and it was gooood. £14 with a coke, so I guess it should have been?)

(Also, my room's walls and roof were quite thin, so you can hear your neighbour walking around, watching TV etc...)

Cumberland Hotel Room facing sea

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