Monday, 13 July 2009

Day 2 - South Coast - Bournemouth - Sand!

In a nation-wide poll in 2007, Bournemouth was voted the happiest town in the UK! 82% of residents said they were happy...and the beaches were one of the main reasons. Bournemouth has a 7 mile long sandy pebbles here. (By the way, Walsall in the Midlands was voted the unhappiest town...eek.)

There's another 3 miles in nearby Poole, whose beach has been awarded an international Blue Flag for the past 21 years, the most for any beach anywhere in the world. There are another 7 blue flag beaches in the area.

Brighton's got pebbles, Bournemouth has's a softer place in other ways too. It's a bit smaller, there's a clean feel to it, the gardens near the beach are accessible, and there's less of a vibe. Seems a bit sleepier too.

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