Thursday, 16 July 2009

Day 4 - South West Coast - Lizard Point - Southermost point on mainland

A quick mention about Lizard Point, because it’s the southernmost point on the British mainland.

Like everyone perhaps, I’m not sure why we all trek off to these sometime mostly sunspectacular places, which are really just important because of the longitudes and latitudes dreamt up by mapmakers. We come back and say a little proudly that we’ve been to this and that point, without knowing why we’re proud.

But even if Lizard Point is buzzing with tourists and is not AS stunning as much of the rest of this coast, there’s still a pensive, reverent feel to the area. People sit on the grass, talking softly, staring out to the horizon, re-evaluating their live's...we can’t help ourselves, can we!?!? So go, only to say to that you’ve been there. And it is beautiful in it's own right.

The view from Lizard Point, the southernmost point on the mainland.

Follow the signs...

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