Thursday, 16 July 2009

Day 4 - South West Coast - Mousehole - Ice cream from heaven

I've just tasted the best ice-cream in Cornwall, if not the galaxy. It’s made by Mr Robin Webb, whose company is called...Webb’s.

If anyone should put their name on their business’s products, Mr Webb is that man. In fact, he should call his ice-cream flavours after his children, because he must be that proud of it. And he should be knighted and ordained all in one go, because his ice-cream must make thousands of people happy to be alive when they lick their favourite flavour.

I’ve eaten way more than my life’s fair share of ice cream already, so I really do believe, with all my heart, that Mr Webb’s ice-cream is up there amongst the best I’ve tasted. This is not an exaggeration, because on the wall of his mom’s tiny ice-cream store in Mousehole are more than twenty annual awards for “Cornwall’s Best Ice-Cream”, as judged by the National Ice-Cream Alliance. (Update: Actually, I've just visited Robin in Penzance, and he says he got a merit award, which is about tenth place out of a few hundred entries...still not bad!) Now that’s an organisation that I could work for, and if it ran the United Nations, I reckon it could ensure world peace just by handing out endless supplies of Mr Webb’s chocolate ice-cream.

Mr Webb runs his business from Penzance, and I’m going to pay homage tomorrow or the next day. (Have just done so, and he's an ordinary man selling extraordinary icecream - the name of his shop is the Coffee Pot, and it's on the main promenade near the arcade in Penzance. Don't pass it by.)

Because I went back for seconds immediately after my first cone, I thought I’d strike up some friendly conversation with his old lady, Mrs Webb, to find out a bit more about this holy grail of ice-cream. But being an unashamed fan of her son’s ice-cream doesn’t make you special, as I found out when I asked Mrs Webb what her first name was. “I don’t tell people my first name. I’m just Mrs Webb to you, and that’s the way it’s going to be, okay?” Fair enough - I guess you wouldn’t ask the Pope’s mom what her first name is either.

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