Sunday, 12 July 2009

Day 1 - South Coast - Peacehaven - 0 Degrees!

There's an official marker for the Greenwich Meridian (0 Degrees, 0 minutes longitude) on the south coast at Peacehaven.

I met Ron Dodd there, a 65-year-old former engineer from Tyneside on the east coast of England. He's cycling from Land's End near Cornwall to Dover Castle. It's a three week trip, and I happened to bump into him at the Greenwich marker. Ron has a tip: make sure you cycle along the south coast from WEST to EAST...the prevailing wind is a westerly!

He's stayed at B&Bs all the way - average price per night is £35 roughly. "Time is not my master" Ron says. "I was made to retire 6 years ago, and I was happy to go!" Since then, he's cycled all over Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and now England. Favourite village on this trip? Corfe. The best thing about cycling? The views of the sea.

If you're looking for advice from Ron on cycling in Britain, let me know your details by making a comment, and I'll send you his number. He's someone you could talk to all day.

Cyclist Ron Dodd at the Greenwich Meridian Marker: from here to Cape Town in South Africa is exactly 5 961 spherical miles, to Wellington in New Zealand is 11 735 spherical miles, to Hong Kong is 6 003 spherical miles. Not sure what spherical miles are? Direct, as-the-crow-flies across the earth's sphere?

Ron Dodd - intrepid cyclist from Tyne on the east coast...I'll end up there in a few weeks.

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