Sunday, 12 July 2009

Day 1 - South Coast - Brighton - Great places to eat

There seem to be quite a few good places to eat in Brighton.

I had lunch at Bill's Produce Store at 100 North Road in Brighton. Vibey cafe type atmosphere. Lots of fresh ingredients. Plenty of people waiting for a table. I had a ciabatta (£6.10) with cheshire cheese, chutney, spinach, rocket, basil, spring onions and smoked bacon. Wasn't overly impressed, quite small, not that tasty. I kept looking at the table next to me where a lady was eating the all-day Bill's breakfast (£7.80) - looked great.

Bill's Produce Store - good, healthy vibe

Dinner was at Terre a Terre - The Vegetarian Restaurant. Now, I'm no veggie, but I'm no bloody thirsty carnivore either, so I'm in the middle when it comes to veg. I've had some tasteless veggie dishes before in my life, so I wasn't very excited about going to Terre a Terre. But even if my expectations were sky-high, the experience would have blown my socks off. I am sure I could become a vegetarian if all my meals tasted like mine. Really, really tasty and filling meal.

Had rocket salad, with homebaked bread with olive oil/balsamic vinegar. Then something called Carbonara Kinky (£13.95) , which you can try figure out for yourself from the following description on the menu: Courgette spaghetti tossed in torn basil, lemon and black pepper, topped with smoked carbonara Parmesan custard cream, served with fresh pasta blankes crammed with creamed goats cheese sumi.

I took about half an hour to work out what this all means, but gave up and ordered it anyway. Take it from me that it tasted damn good (I'm no food snob, but my stomach knows a good meal when it sees one). And they serve organic beer, so your hangover will be environmentally friendly.

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