Sunday, 12 July 2009

Day 1 - South Coast - Brighton - First impressions

First impressions of Brighton: busy, touristy, cosmopolitan, fun, windy, sunny, lots of kids and families, relaxed atmosphere. I don't think it's a place for a romantic weekend of the traditional kind. But if you like rollercoasters, bumper cars, miniature golf, merry go-rounds, donuts, balloons...then it's worth it. The highlight of Brighton Pier is "The Booster"...a two-pronged centrifugal fun ride 20 metres up in the air. Check out the video I shot. Don't do it if you've had noodles for lunch. I was too scared to do it.

Brighton seems great for families with young kids. You can't really swim on the beach. Water was too rough. And Sam the lifeguard told me that the average water temperature is about 15 degrees C. In winter it gets down to a paltry 5 degrees! And it maxes out at about 22 degrees C in summer.

Miniature golf course

Mushy peas anyone?

Brighton beach lifeguard

Brighton beach view

Brighton Pier

Keeping warm on Brighton Beach!

Brighton local on the pier

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